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Douglas Martin, MD



Clinical Director, Radiation Oncology
Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Department Quality Committee Chair





Committee Memberships


  • 2010-Present: Radiation Oncology Committee Member, Gynecologic Oncology Group – NRG (committee in transition)
  • 2012-Present: Cervix Committee Member, NRG
  • 2012-Present: American College of Radiology Surveyor in Radiation Oncology


  • Present: Vice Chair, University Radiation Safety Commitee
  • Present: University Radiation Safety Committee and Medical Use Subcommittee
  • Present: OSUMC credentials committee
  • Present: OSUMC IHIS Physician Advisory Committee
  • Present: OSUMC Crew Resource Management Steering Committee
  • Present: Transition team member, new James Cancer Hospital
  • Present: OSUP Physician Productivity subcommittee
  • Present: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Cancer Committee
  • 2007-Present: James Cancer Hospital Disease Site Committee member for: Sarcoma Disease Committee, Genitourinary Malignancies and Gynecologic Cancers.
  • 2009-Present: OSU Medical School Learning Community Leader
  • 2006-Present: Associate Investigator - Radiation Therapy Oncology & Gynecologic Oncology Group, Ohio State University Medical Center.
  • 1997-2002, 2009-Present: Associate Investigator – Children’s Oncology Group, Ohio State University Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital


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