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Gynecological Cancer

Here at the James, we treat patients suffering from a variety of Gynecologic Cancers including:

  • Cervical
  • Uterine (endometrial cancer)
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Vulvar cancer
  • Ovarian cancer


 Radiation therapy is frequently used for cervical cancer, either as the main treatment, and in some patients, who undergo surgery initially to remove the cancer, as additional treatment following the surgery. In endometrial cancer, surgery is the main type of therapy; however, sometimes additional radiation, either to the pelvic region or to just the vaginal area will be used. If radiation is only given to the vagina, this can usually with just a few brachytherapy treatments. For patients with uterine cancer who are too frail to undergo surgery, the disease can be treated with primary radiation with good success.


Vaginal cancer is frequently treated with radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy, and sometimes in a combination with surgery and radiation chemotherapy. Brachytherapy is commonly used for the treatment of vaginal cancer.

Vulvar cancer is most commonly treated surgically by removing of the tumor and some of the lymph nodes. However, in some patients, particularly those who have cancer spread to the lymph nodes in the groin area, or whose tumor has come close to the margin of resection, additional radiation is required.