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Dr. Meng Welliver's Lab

Dr. Meng Welliver


Dr. Meng Welliver, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor

460 W. 10th Ave, Suite D252P
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-293-3244
Fax:     614-293-4044





Research Area

To understand tumor specific metabolism and cell death pattern after cancer therapy, with the goal of developing novel stategies to eliminate tumor reccurrence.

Research Summary

Dr. Welliver is a radiation oncologist specializing in the treatment of thoracic malignancies, lymphoma, and soft tissue sarcoma. Dr. Welliver’s research focuses on the fundamental understanding of tumor cell metabolism, tumor cell death and survival after radiation or combined modality treatments, with the goal to identify and test novel therapeutic strategies to improve tumor control and ultimately patient survival. She is also interested in developing novel functional imagining tools that are based on tumor metabolism.